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What is Illness

Our modern culture often labels and defines an illness as something that is wrong within the mind or body, often with the perception that the illness is an inconvenient problem that needs to be removed or gotten rid of. While we are often quick to determine what the specific illness may be, we rarely look beyond its presentation.

The fact is, ‘dis-ease’ is often a wake-up call from your body requesting that you resolve its underlying causes. Often the roots of illnesses can be traced back to suppression, stress, frenetic lifestyles etc. In short, when we find ourselves ill, there is often a deeper reason, beyond the illness itself.

Conventional medical treatment often prescribes medication that treat the symptoms rather than the actual cause. Many prescription medications cause side-effects and it is then common practice for more allopathic medication to be prescribed to treat these drug symptoms or side-effects. Sadly, all too often the cocktail of prescribed medication can become even more of hindrance to our wellbeing.

Within the practise of homoeopathy, we aspire to treat, as far as possible, the root causes of the illness alongside the presentation of its symptoms. In order to achieve this, each homoeopathic treatment is highly personalised and tailored to the lifestyle, needs and requirements of each patient.

For such a highly individualised treatment a very different approach from conventional medicine, is taken to ensure that as many aspects of a person’s well-being is considered.

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