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The Benefits of Yoga Learn about the many great benefits of yoga

Yoga Benefits

From health, relaxation and general well being to spiritual renewal of the body, mind and soul and more, there are just so many great benefits to practising yoga.

Testimonials Yoga with Geri

Yoga with Geri is a happy relaxed atmosphere. Somewhere where you feel included, welcome and valued. Geri takes on board everyone’s aches, pains or limitations. It’s not a competition is a phrase often used. Everyone can join in and not feel awkward at all.

A fun atmosphere with plenty of laughs. Excellent value for money. I’m aching a bit today because it actually works and I feel so much better for attending. Special classes focusing on stress, anxiety and insomnia are an added bonus to help with today’s way of life. I highly recommend and I hope to be attending for a long time to come.


Geri is welcoming to everyone and provides fun, yet informative yoga classes. She explains the benefits of each posture & suggests options for both less flexible & more bendy attendants. I would highly recommend Geri’s classes for anyone wishing to take up yoga.


Geri is a wonderful yoga teacher. She takes the time to explain movements and is very patient and will always show easier movements for those that are not as flexible. If you come to one of her classes you will not be disappointed. Also we always have a laugh and are a friendly bunch.


For many years I have attended Geraldine’s yoga class cos she always takes time to make sure everyone is ok and always checks students are working correctly at postures.

I have been coming to classes with Geri for over 5 years now and love the experience.  The classes are very relaxing and inclusive but you get a good workout and I feel this has helped keep me flexible and young into my retirement.  Thoroughly recommend them.

Geri’s classes are very welcoming and inclusive, she’s amazing at making us all feel comfortable no matter what age, size and ability.  The yoga is invigorating and peaceful at the same time.


Looking for a yoga class? I recommend Aura Yoga with Geri. Try it. A group of women and some men in a class run by Geri several times a week, in Studio 54, Blackwood, also in Plas Mawr, Blackwood. If I am unable to attend I really miss the yoga class. Give it a go.  See you there!

Studio 54, Yoga Class

Geri thank you so much for this morning. I enjoyed every minute. I am not brilliant at relaxation because I get restless which did not happen today.

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